August 19th - SHE magazine publication!

I can't remember if I said this or not, but I'm going to be featured in the August issue of SHE magazine here in Columbus!! A couple months ago I was interviewed and submitted some of my work and had my friend, Levi, with Ely Brothers Photography take some shots of me for the article!

The August issue of SHE publishes August 19th! So, if you get the paper....make sure you check it out! If you don't get the paper, no worries, it will be available online as well!! I'll post a link once it releases. I am SOOOOOO excited about this opportunity! It couldn't have came at a more perfect time in my career!

Here are a couple shots that Levi took that I submitted. Check out Levi's work, he's awesome!

My family hates this picture, they say I look mean......I think I look like I'm a bit serious about my job. : )


This was my family's favorite out of the photos. I think I look pretty silly. I never realized how much I HATE being on the other side of the camera! : )



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