little miss kate

some previous clients of mine, whom i have worked with over the past 2 years, contacted me and wanted me to take pictures of their newest addition! i just love newborns, but sometimes i wonder if they like me! HA! they have a love/hate relationship with me. i definitely have that motherly touch and sway when holding a baby, and am pretty good at getting them to sleep, but once i'm there in front of them with a camera......they want nothing to do with me!! : D i've said this a thousand times and i'll probably say it a thousand times more......newborns are definitely a challenge! i give mad props to those who only specialize in this field.

with that said, miss kate, was my typical baby. she would sleep some and be awake some.....but for the most part, she was a very good baby to work with. her parents and older brother are so wonderful, they are such great people to work with! here is a sweet sneak peek from our session.

how beautiful is she?!

oh my goodness, melting here.



beautiful family. 

little spring bunny!

WIDE awake.

sweet, sweet girl.

oh, so tired. 

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