2013 Senior Scout Search!

2013 SENIOR LADIES, how would you LOVE a FREE mini session this early spring?! Not only that, but LOADS of awesome products,  a $50 VISA GIFT CARD and 30% OFF your selected senior package (if you refer 2 people or more) or 50% OFF your selected package (if you refer 5)?! Yeah, I thought so! 

I'm looking for 6 Ladies to represent Eminence Photography, do YOU have what it takes????

I will be choosing (3) Ladies from Columbus North HS, (2) Ladies from Columbus East HS & (1) Lady from Columbus Signature Academy! 

Please read all of the information below, talk it over with your parents and SIGN UP!

Thanks for your interest in being a 2013 Senior Scout for Eminence Photography!  Here, you will find a list of FAQ's about my Scout Program, and will explain the exciting, money-saving Senior Scout program! 


Senior Scouts are H.S. students from local schools that are chosen to promote Eminence Photography.  In turn, you will receive a FREE mini session, some complimentary products and a chance to earn some other awesome products & rewards! You MUST fill out the application to be a Senior Scout by January 31, 2012 to be eligible!  Limited spots are available, so PLEASE get your application in ASAP!

Who am I looking for?
I am looking for SCOUTS who are excited about having their pictures taken,  who are unique, funky and not afraid to be themselves! You MUST be outgoing, social, and professional about contacting classmates to promote me!

What do Senior Scouts do?
My team of SCOUTs will promote my photography business by spreading the word about services, and recruiting fellow classmates to book with me! (Eminence Photography).  This can be done many ways:  by word of mouth, facebook, twitter; showing your pictures to your classmates; distributing flyers, handing out your personalized Scout cards and any other creative ways you can think of (enlist your parents, too, and let them help you earn incentives, listed below)!

How many Senior REPs are there?
Each year, the number of Senior SCOUTs on my team are chosen at my discretion.  This year I will be choosing 6 SCOUTs each from Columbus North HS, Columbus East HS & Columbus Signature Academy.

What's in it for ME?
1. An initial mini-session in late February or early March to get images for your personalized “SCOUT Cards” which you can start handing out to prospective clients.
2. Plenty of those SCOUT Cards and a few brochures for you to distribute to classmates and school bulletin boards to promote Eminence Photography.
3. 5 digital, logo-marked images sized for Facebook/MySpace, iPod, phone, etc. These are for you to use as profile images during the duration of your SCOUT duties. It will help in getting others to book their session with me, so please don’t crop the logo on these images ~ thanks!
4. Your own personal, online gallery with 40-50 of your best images from your full session with me.

5. Special REWARDS for your work!

When you recruit:

1 person - FREE set of wallets
2 people - FREE set of wallets, 8x10 & 30% OFF your selected senior package
3 people - FREE set of wallets, 8x10, 11x14, & 30% OFF your selected senior package
4 people - FREE set of wallets, 8x10, 11x14, a $50 VISA Gift Card, & 30% off your selected senior package
5 people - FREE set of wallets, 8x10, 11x14, a $50 VISA Gift Card, a 5x7 POSH album featuring your images, & 50% off your selected senior package.
- For each additional person recruited, you will receive a set of 8 wallets! 

Any other Fine Print (terms& conditions)
• Your mini session will be in late February or early March of 2012.  In order to participate with my Senior Rep Team you must be available to complete your mini session during that time.
• SCOUT Cards are for handing out to prospective clients interested in booking their Senior session with Eminence Photography, so they aren’t meant to hand out to someone who is already working with another Photographer.  Save the cards for people really interested in booking with me– Thanks!
• As a SCOUT on my team you agree to only represent Eminence Photography during your grad year.  You agree to post any free, logo-marked images that I give you from your session(s) on your Facebook/MySpace/Blog, etc. in order to help promote my services. This means that your images MUST remain your profile image for the duration of your SCOUT duties.  In addition, as being a SCOUT on my team it is required to join my Fan Page on Facebook.
• You MUST schedule and complete your FULL Senior Portrait Session before October 31, 2012. 
• Parents MUST be fully aware of your activity with this endeavor.  They will be asked to sign requested forms for your participation (model release, portrait session agreement).
• As with filling out any job application, it is important that the Senior Scout Team Application be completed in full in order to be considered for the team. Things like spelling & grammar will be evaluated along with your content for the answers on your questionnaire.
• While promoting Eminence Photography you agree not to speak unfavorably of any other photographers or their work. People who you refer must not already be a studio Rep with another photographer.  You agree to only represent Eminence Photography's work during your senior year.  You agree to post any free, logo-marked images I give you from your session on Facebook and keep as profile image for duration of Scout duties.
• My Scout Program has many perks and advantages including a complimentary mini session along, 30% OFF your selected senior package if 2 people are referred and many other rewards.  Because of this, each Scout on my team is expected to refer at least two seniors that complete a session with Eminence Photography by the end of March 2013.  If a Scout is unable to fulfill this requirement they will need to pay the full amount of their session fee by June 1, 2013.  It’s much more fun to get the free stuff, anyway!!
• You understand that I have the ultimate right to protect the image and integrity of my business and therefore may terminate your participation on my team at any point and without notice.

What are the next steps if I'm interested? 
Interested students should review my most recent Senior  work here on my blog! Just click on Catergories, Seniors. If you like what you’ve seen and want to be on my team of Senior SCOUTs, then fill out  the 2013 SENIOR SCOUT Application, online. Once I’ve reviewed your application you will be contacted by me to review all the details and expectations associated with this endeavor. Individuals chosen will need to sign a simple contract along with their parent/legal guardian and schedule a time to do your initial photo session so you can get your SCOUT Cards and get to work!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Whitney):  whitneyulm@eminencephoto.com
Thanks so much, can’t wait to meet you!

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