baby m

i love babies! they are so much fun to photograph. full of curiosity and all with their own individual little personalities. i met up with Mr. "M", and poor little guy wasn't feeling all too well! he had just gotten over being sick and was cutting teeth! we did our in trying to get some little smiles out of him, and we managed to get a few! he was such a trooper though and we were able to get some cute little shots of him.

here is a peek from our session!

i had this sweet little idea to add some color in and i was really loving the warmer weather and am DYING for spring......but Little "M" wasn't too happy about that! haha.

LOVE this sweet shot with his sweet little smile!!

And this.......come cute is this?!

Love his little face in this one too.

This is a common face of "M" it!

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